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Cromac Has A Full Line Of Metal Cutting & Grinding Fluids.

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Cromac 1400

Fully synthetic grinding coolant for ferrous metals. Excellent rust inhibition and low foaming characteristics. Provides a superior surface finish.

Cromac 2210 Heavy duty biostable semi-synthetic soluble cutting fluid for medium to severe machining operations on most metals.
Cromac 2215 Biostable semi-synthetic lubricant for machining and grinding most metals especially aluminum. Combines wetting agents & polar additives to provide outstanding finishes on the work piece, excellent rust protection and cleanliness of operation.
Cromac 2100

Heavy duty biostable soluble cutting fluid for general machining on all metals. Its' unique formulation gives extended tool life, a long sump life, and excellent rust protection. Preferred by users with sensitive skin.

Cromac 1053

Extreme duty neat oil with high sulfur, chlorine and fat content. Used for deep hole drilling and for cutting low machinability metals.