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Cromac Has A Full Line Of Metal Forming Lubricants.

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Cromac 1022

Vanishing oil formulated for roll forming and light stamping. The product of choice when oily residue cannot be tolerated on finished part.

Cromac 1545 Fully synthetic soluble drawing compound. Excellent lubricity without leaving gummy residue.
Cromac 2052 Water soluble high polarity drawing compound. Adherence through many stage progressive draws.
Cromac 2025

Water soluble drawing and stamping compound formulated for severe drawing, stamping, and blanking on steel, stainless steel, aluminum and nickel alloys. Excellent corrosion resistance, very easy to clean, and forms a stable emulsion in the hardest of waters.

Cromac 931 Vegetable oil with extreme pressure additives used neat for stamping, drawing and blanking.
Cromac 2055 Water soluble, high polarity drawing lubricant with E.P. Chlorine free.
Cromac 1095 Neat oil with E.P. Additives. For extreme drawing, stamping and blanking.